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Currently residing in Bangkok, Thailand, Keith performs with his blues band Cotton Mouth, Deni Hines and produces music for TV commercials, Documentaries, and TV shows. He also records sessions with other artists and runs his music streaming music service. Over his career, Keith performed with Steven Seagal, Zakiya Hooker (Daughter of John Lee Hooker), Deni Hines, Gloria Gaynor and Cotton Mouth blues band. I was blessed to rock with Keith in Bangkok last year, and felt a connection to this Irish visionary.

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Lee is an enigma. I heard many stories about the great Lee Shamrock before I actually saw him perform, and he lived up to the hype! A computer programming American ex-pat, Lee found a new home in Thailand to pursue his passion for music. We’ll talk about that journey, and Lee’s gonna share some of his musical humor with us all to bring levity to us when we can really use it! Come join us as we wrap our day with some laughs and music on Monday eve at 9pm PST!

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