Matty is one of the biggest music fans I’ve met. His heart is behind SO many artists, and has dedicated much of his time to interviewing people (imagine that!) that intrigue him. Matty has worked with stars of all kinds: musical, athletes and corporate, and has found balance with that pursuit, fatherhood, and a true spirit to assist the progression of artists he believes in. We talk honestly and vulnerably about Alzheimer’s and his commitment to combating that disease.

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There’s a reason that the Musicians Institute in Los Angeles has Jude on staff as a vocal instructor… he’s a vocal chameleon and performer. Nothing put in front of Jude gets taken lightly – and the night we performed together, he seamlessly nailed McCartney and Simple Minds songs with ease. His family musical endeavors make for great conversation, which you’ll get to peek in on!

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You may know Liv from Prince’s New Power Generation, or maybe even from Road Case Royale with Nancy Wilson, but the fortunate locals of Portland got to witness and experience the emergence of one of the most powerful performers I’ve ever seen. There’s a reason Liv is sought after by the best in the biz: her songwriting is alluring and diverse – you’ll get sultry R&B and soul in one track, and blistering funky horn- & guitar-driven rock the next. Tune in right on my page at 3pm Pacific on Thursday to fall in love all over again!