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Who HASN’T Rafael played with? “Hafe” is not only slinging guitars in Paul Stanley’s band, but has played with Pink, Christina Aguilera, Vasco Rossi, and was a standout house band member on “Rockstar Supernova” and “Rockstar INXS”. A Brazilian dynamo, he’s one of my favorite players on the planet. Check out his solo project “Magnetico”: it’ll blow your mind! So will our hang: you’ll be right there with us, “Backstage” with All Access Live!

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Buckle up, people… this is one wicked drummer! Nate is atop my list of favorite humans. His band mate and music director Paul Mirkovich on NBC’s “The Voice” says “…what you want is for every song to feel like the most important song in the world.” That’s EXACTLY how Nate approaches every song he plays. You’ll feel like you want to be his best friend the first time you see him play, the joy he expresses behind the kit is so infectious. I can freely admit that Nate has made my world a much better place with him in my life. Hang out with us and find out why.

Watch this beforehand – you’ll know what I’m talkin’ about!