OK, 80s movie fans: I KNOW you fell in love with “Beth”, the hottie that broke John Cusack’s heart in “Better Off Dead”. Or maybe you horror fans remember Amanda being the first person ever to be murdered by Freddy Krueger onscreen. Well, Amanda Wyss has a wide range of film and TV roles, and is one of the most sought-after 80s movie queens to make the celebrity fan circuit. We first met at 80s In the Sand in the Dominican Republic, and shared some great laughs. We had technical issues pairing Zoom with the All Access Live page on Facebook, so this episode recorded and was archived on YouTube. Here’s Amanda and her beautiful spirit!

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Folks, we have all had those icons on TV that we were smitten with. It’s often a good idea to avoid ever meeting them, because they can’t always live up to the special being that we EXPECT them to be. Not in Julie’s case. Downtown is the most vibrant, spirited beautiful soul there is! SO fun!!!