Now a Member of the Vater Percussion family

I am so incredibly proud to announce this partnership with the highest honor… I am the newest member of the Vater Percussion Family. Vater’s dedication to their finest quality drumsticks is unmatched.

Ever since discovering their “perfectly matched” pairs in little ol’ Music Villa in Bozeman, Montana, I’ve not found an unbalanced pair to date, almost 30 years later. I will be playing Vater’s American Hickory Power 5B Acorn sticks (wood tip). These sticks have a perfect balance, extra 1/2” length beyond a standard 5B stick, and my favorite tip to avoid pitting drumheads while maintaining a great balance and rebound in heads and cymbals.

Thanks for welcoming me to the team, Chad Brandolini! I’m honored and inspired!!/artists/1549