Thanks to Janna Lopez for honoring the milestone that 200 episodes represents by turning the camera and microphone around and interviews me. We talk about the formation of the show, insight found along the way, and what’s to come in the future as touring picks back up.

MTV VJs: Best of All Access Live w/ Kevin Rankin (Alan Hunter, Downtown Julie Brown & Riki Rachtman)

Segments of our fun and spirited conversations, the best of the MTV VJ hosts! We talk about the early MTV days, what they’re up to now, some hilarious and shocking moments on- and off-air, and some great times that we’ve all shared together.

Paul’s been working feverishly on the forthcoming Dan Reed Network documentary “Slam” for years. He’s got incredible footage from the early days of the band, and interviews in phenomenal fans of the band, including Richie Sambora, Corey Glover, Steven van Zandt, Nile Rogers and more. We’ll talk about the development of the film, the ups & downs of the DRN journey and what’s left to complete to get the film launched! Hang out with us “backstage”, live on All Access Live!

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What do David Bowie, Rod Stewart, Tina Turner, Julian Lennon, Beth Hart, Eddie Martinez and Joe Bonamassa all have in common? CARMINE ROJAS played bass for every one of their bands. The biggest names in the business depend on Carmine for their low end, and rightly so: he’s the complete package. Not only can he deliver the goods as a player, his reputation as a kind soul and trusted compadre are most valuable assets. I can’t wait to bring you all “backstage” as we chat about the legendary gigs he’s had, the current all-star lineup he shares with Eddie Martinez, and what it takes to maintain a positive attitude in such a crazy time.

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Easily one of the most influential and inspiring drummers in our generation, Todd’s been the man behind the drumkit for Styx for over 20 years. Voted #1 Progressive Rock Drummer in 2018 by Modern Drummer, of COURSE we’ll be chatting about touring, recording and playing drums. But Todd’s got a lot of irons in the fire: a successful online instruction method, a new solo album, and numerous recording projects and online appearances. Join us live and chime in on the chat as we go “backstage” with All Access Live!

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The iconic Headbanger’s Ball MTV VJ and I shared a rare in-person live appearance on All Access Live from Happy Rock Inn in Portland, Oregon. Riki and Lea Vendetta (world-famous tattoo artist) are riding their motorcycle cross-country to raise awareness and funds for Alzheimer’s Disease ( Traveling more than 10,000 miles, their goal is to raise $20,000 through donations on their journey. We’re talked the history of MTV’s Headbanger’s Ball, Riki’s journey through the heyday of the Sunset Strip era, how the industry has changed and how he’s weathered the storm while bringing attention to worthy causes. Happy Rock Inn is THE stop for musicians traveling through Portland, and does a ton of charity work for the community.

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One of Montana’s most treasured rock legacies, each member of Jeremy Scared proved their worth in later projects, but as the grunge era broke the Northwest wide open, these Montanan rockers inspired a whole generation of musicians and fans, myself included! Scared’s legacy lives on through All Access Live!

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Hold on tight, folks! Nate Morton and Sean Halley are gonna blow you away with their musical phenom group “Fraud Prophets”. Their album “Poptosis” (2019) was one of the most incredible releases of the year, combining improvisational rock/prog/fusion/funk with a side of awesomeness. Dig in as we hang out “backstage”, giving you all access to their genius! I had more laughs with these guys today than I’ve had in months. Hope you can enjoy some heckle with us!

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