All Access Live Alert: Trevor Steel and John Christoforou (The Escape Club)

The Escape Club are a rock band best known for their Grammy Nominated, US #1 Hit, Wild Wild West. Their other 80’s hits, I’ll Be There, Shake for the Sheikh and Call it Poison all made the Billboard top 30. We all toured together the past coupla years and became like family. One thing I know: Livin’ in the Wild, Wild West is getting crazy. We’ll hang out and reminisce tomorrow, and you get to come along for the ride. 1pm PST on Tuesday!

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I first met PJ while my band opened for his band (Trixter) in about 1990. 30 years later, PJ Farley has amassed an impressive list of recording and touring credits. From Lita Ford to 40 Ft Ringo & a whole lot in-between, we’ll talk about his cool new gig “Kuarantine” with Chris Jericho. Let’s practice some social distancing together with PJ!


This is the funniest man you’ll ever meet. Aside from fronting the sassy glam rock band Enuff Z’Nuff for 15 years, Johnny has several solo albums, a hilarious podcast series (“It’s Not Me, It’s Absolutely You”: and a tenure playing guitar for LA Guns. Not only that: Johnny’s a magician. Yes, real magic, not just the magical vibes you get when he smiles at you. Come get ya some Monaco Magic.

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One of the most creative custom guitar builders I’ve ever seen, Stephen also has the voice we’d all kill for! His guitars are being used by the best in the biz, and this musical dynamo balances out his creative outlet as a dedicated family guy. Every once in awhile, someone drops into your life with such magic, you instantly want to be around them more. This is that guy!


Al Judd: The Sensei | Tour Manager | Sound Man and friend to many. Al tells it like it is, and that’s why he’s hand-picked by professionals like Scott Weiland, Above and Beyond, Wang Chung and so many more! He’s been my savior many times on the road & we’ve lived to tell about it. Come hang out with this legend and me.


Luke is one of those people that instantly makes you feel welcomed. He’s one of the most intuitive musicians I’ve ever been in the band with – we’ve been like brothers for over 30 years! A phenomenal bassist, Luke also possesses immense talent in graphic design and visual arts. He’s the Art Director for Montana Outdoors Magazine, the “go to” art designer for political campaigns in Montana, and shares his passion for creative design in all mediums with anyone who’ll listen. Our conversation on Thursday will, without any doubt, inspire you – Luke embodies creativity and progress. I love this man, and would bet you will to (if you don’t already). Come listen in!


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Folks, we have all had those icons on TV that we were smitten with. It’s often a good idea to avoid ever meeting them, because they can’t always live up to the special being that we EXPECT them to be. Not in Julie’s case. Downtown is the most vibrant, spirited beautiful soul there is! SO fun!!!


Janna is one of those wonderful humans that’s spent serious time exploring one’s individuality, seeking to discover the identity of “who we are” versus “what we do”. Her book “Me, My Selfie & Eye: A Midlife Conversation About Lost Identity, Grief & Seeing Who You Are” paints that exploration perfectly, and her new podcast series (Eyedentity Talk) “offers meaningful support and insight for anyone in the throes of midlife identity loss and confusion.”

A self-identified “Heart seeker, word builder, practical dreamer, tequila sipper, photo taker, perpetual learner, thought conveyer, star gazer, aurora chaser, cynical optimist”, Janna goes deep, and I look forward to chatting about that depth, vulnerability and self-discovery.

Discover many of Janna’s gifts at her Website by clicking here.


Brad is coming up on his 50th year of drumming! Incredible… he’s been playing with 80s icons The Romantics for 16 years, has another dynamic band (The Handcuffs) and a pedigree of iconic Midwestern rock credits including The Elvis Brothers and The Screams. One of the most enjoyable drummers to watch, Brad perfectly blends his influences with a style of his own. Hang out with us as we rap about his remarkable history!


Upon moving to Los Angeles in 2001 after a 3 year tenure with the Goo Goo Dolls on their famed Dizzy up the Girl world tour, Dave Schulz began immersing himself into many diverse musical circles. He hosted all-star jams at numerous clubs (starting with Ian Copeland’s Backstage Cafe), which led to various residencies for 15 straight years at top venues in LA. He soon became one of the city’s most in demand behind the scenes forces, adding constantly to a mile long touring, performing and recording resume of artists from across the musical spectrum: Angelo Moore (Fishbone), B-52’s, Berlin, Bernard Fowler, Bo Diddley, Bonnie Pointer, Chambers Brothers, Cherie Currie, Daniel Lanois, English Beat, Eric Sardinas, Esthero, Fastball, Fuel, Gary Oldman, General Public, Glenn Hughes, Goo Goo Dolls, Ian Gillan, John Blackwell, Kristine W., Lyndsey Buckingham, Maceo Parker, Macy Gray, Mike Porcaro, Mitch Perry, Nik West, Nikka Costa, Rick Springfield, Rusty Young, Ryan Cabrera, Sleepy Brown (Outkast), Steve Porcaro, Steven Bauer, Stevie Wonder, Taylor Dayne, The Rembrandts, Tony Levin, Wang Chung, Warrant, When In Rome, and XYZ, to name a few.

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